Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate®


The Jackson Galaxy Collection fuses product insights from Jackson’s 20+ years of experience as a trusted cat behaviorist with Petmate’s 50+ years of leadership in the pet industry. The line focuses on cats as the heroes in Cat Play with a wide variety of products offering fun and interaction to cats and their families.

If your cat likes to climb tall furniture and chase flying objects, you have a cat who prefers air prey!  Use this telescoping wand and attach toys to the retractable cord to get your cat’s natural instinct to play into full swing.!


If your cat likes to lurk under furniture and chase objects as they scurry by, you have a cat who prefers ground prey!  Use this telescoping wand and attach toys to get your cat’s natural instincts activated - pounce and spring!

Encourage your cat’s need to stalk, attack & play! Our kickers have extra stuffing for greater play satisfaction and are enhanced with USA catnip pods at each end!  Multiple materials combined with a sisal band to gnaw and claw stimulate the kick, hug and wrestle behavior that cats so love!

Does your cat gobble meals, eating everything in the blink of an eye? Scatter kibble among the fish tails & your food-snarfer will s-l-o-w d-o-w-n!  Go Fish also works as a puzzle toy - sprinkle a few treats & add challenge to the day. Rotate the tails to keep your cat’s eye on the prize- by changing up the configuration you give kitty a new game to conquer!

Cats are fascinated with hide and seek prey action! Capture your cat’s imagination with the motion activated LED ball. Watch your cat become entranced as he follows the bright lights and swats the ball along the track. The cardboard scratcher in the center offers additional exercise as well as a scent catcher for your cat to mark as his own. Great for multiple cat households!

Irregular shape creates unpredictable movement of prey to ignite raw cat play!  Toss and bounce toys, and add treats for extra motivation and reward!

Your cat needs quiet and safe sleep! Both the front and middle of this cocoon adjust to your cat’s size and snuggle preference. Shy kitties may want a small opening while the more adventurous feline may want a wide opening to dart in and out. The back has an additional zipper exit to provide multiple escape routes!

Our Base Camp Hub offers security during play. Attach up to three tunnels to encourage play in and around the hub. The tunnels can also be used with the Base Camp Carrier to help desensitize cats to the stress of travel. By playing inside their carrier they learn to trust it and feel safe and secure inside.

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